Idle thoughts

I dislike school
I dislike teachers
I dislike the children who go to learn to cry more
So when they said we were to rest
I was very pleased

Mother cries quite a lot now too
People come to the house to whisper things to her
Then they smother me with tight hugs
Frankly, I just want to watch my cartoons in peace
Where is chisom anyway? He normally watches with me

Mother looks at me quite fiercely these days
She has a fire in her eyes
Much like the one I give chisom when he touches my cereal box
It’s all so confusing
Yet it feels very safe

Today the men in black came first
And then the cars, with sirens blazing
There’s a man with mom now
He seems important
He’s quite loud, not whispering like the others

Come where is chisom?
Come and see this loud man o!
He has been talking a lot to mom about guns and control
Mom says guns are bad
She says they make people sleep forever



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