If the galaxies have organized a celestial olympic event of some sort, our sun is clearly winning.

One can see the shimmering haze of the sun’s heat as clearly as though he were close to a raging fire. The flies are refusing to let up too. I imagine this is how the desert feels.

My scalp has felt things that makes me wish I had a baseball cap nearby yet, everywhere I look I see normally clad people (with no caps or umbrellas) who dare to step out of their homes in this heat walking, hawking and quite leisurely I might add.

And then there are the others who I feel just have to make ends meet.

Just another day in Kogi.

I’ve been cuddled up inside dear Ebenezer (our vehicle’s name) watching, listening to the sound of traffic as the big commercial lorries and the small commercial cars pass by…writing. Everything seems to be commercial in these parts. The shed Ebenezer provides is quite frankly heavenly and I’m grateful for it. And though she’s the reason we’re still stuck here in the first place, I can’t complain really…duty.

I have been thirsty for hours. I dare not step out. I think I’ll wait until I can bear it no longer.

IPP has busied himself with his headphones…”play music and forget your troubles” as he likes to say to me. Occasionally he brings up money matters too.

Moses is just there being…well, Moses. Watching like a hawk, every move the mechanics make, all the while complaining about how they’re not doing everything they can to make the work go faster. I cannot help but smile at this.

“Play music and forget your troubles”

I sometimes envy Moses. How very quickly he manages to get involved in any situation where help is required…or where he thinks it is. Ngumoha and I sometimes make jokes about this…still very often in those situations much like this one, I sit around looking clueless while I wait for him to work the magic.

To be clear, this is not just a matter of jumping into those situations. It takes skill and perception to detect where the help is needed when every other person would rather sit around and fend for themselves. He is akin to a striker who has honed himself in the art of being in the right places at the right times in order to get the goals. For him, there is no other way of life.

This is a tribute to him.

In the meantime, National President et al have called. Other school executives too. I’m grateful for this family (CMDA Nigeria).
I hope we leave here soon before mummy starts to freak out …or I develop heat stroke.

PS. The above is just a capture of some moments. It does not tell the whole story. I have since managed to find some use for myself.

“This is a tribute to him”


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